Why do you need a Notary Public?


If you are an individual or business with assets or legal interests overseas you may need to sign documents here and send them overseas rather than travel abroad yourself.


The person (or organisation) receiving the documents must be able to rely on them with confidence and the Notary's signature and seal inspries that confidence because we are recognised worldwide.


Notaries in England & Wales are qualified lawyers, trained to ensure that a document meets your needs both here and overseas.


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Why use me?

16+ years experience as a Notary Public

10 years experience as tutor and examiner first with the University of Cambridge & currently with UCL helping solicitors to qualify as notaries

Over 6 years experience training fellow Notaries to keep up to date (www.notarytraining.co.uk)


I also have over 20 years experience as a solicitor

(10 years with City firm SNR Denton (formerly Wilde Sapte) & 10 years with Shakespeare Martineau (formerly Needham & James)

My legal background encompasses: international litigation & conflict of laws; Spanish & Latin American matters; employment, property & insurance disputes; Wills & probate matters


I provide a personal, professional and mobile service.

I can travel to your home or office or meet you in Stratford upon Avon.

I am flexible & may be able to see you out of normal office hours by arrangement.


Regulated by The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Also qualified as a legal translator Spanish / English (member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting) 

Member of The Notaries Society.


Latest Information

Notary Training CPE Courses


Notary Training is an independent provider of accredited, quality CPE training for Notaries. For more information please go to www.notarytraining.co.uk